Lease Audit Services

Unrivaled expertise. Unparalleled insight. Proven results.

Lease auditing services are the core competency of RRG. Through deep proficiency, a broad knowledge base and diverse skills, our lease audit services deliver unique sustainable value.

The foundation of our lease audit process is our extensive analytical and financial analysis capabilities. RRG’s audits substantiate all portfolio charges incurred to ensure compliance with all pertinent lease provisions, applicable accounting principles, real estate benchmarks, marketplace standards, legal precedent and the intent of the parties.

Why Audit?

Real estate is complicated. Leases and other governing documents are, technical, nuanced highly negotiated agreements. They are challenging to structure and even more difficult to interpret, administer and maintain.The level of uniqueness, not only of the leases themselves, but also the environments that produced them, coupled with the pace at which real estate portfolios change, render it practically impossible to ensure meaningful cost compliance without a lease audit program serving as the foundation.

Lease auditing is fundamental to real estate portfolio governance and both near and long term.

Material cost savings opportunity exists within every real estate portfolio.

Our audit programs deliver meaningful, sustainable cost savings for innovative organizations worldwide. We leverage proprietary technology, data and analytics to accelerate annual audit cycles and recover costs not supported by the terms of each respective lease audited.

Every audit and campaign is customized to the needs and desires of the client partner. Each client is unique requiring an approach designed around their operational strategies, finance structure, accounting framework, operating model, reporting requirements and overall governance objectives. RRG consistently executes on well-defined, client centric strategies that are calibrated to maximize value in all instances.

We unlock portfolios through a calibrated combination of proprietary audit processes and technology. Our unrivaled lease audit experience includes access to valuable scenarios, trends, strategies, techniques and outcomes that enable us to craft compelling, dynamic solutions ensuring success is achieved regardless of requirement complexity and intricacy.

Lease auditing is an invaluable service for any organization seeking to recover and reduce costs, and add shareholder and stakeholder value.

  • Savings
  • Insight
  • Transparency
  • Control
  • Governance
  • Alignment
  • Visibility
  • Guidance
  • The campaigns generate material, recurring cost savings.
  • The audit programs harness volumes of operating and transactional data empowering accelerated, insightful decision-making.
  • Campaign results provide for the clear assimilation and interpretation of operating trends driving fluid, real time understanding of portfolio mechanics.
  • Audit campaigns are calibrated to enable enhanced and broadened control framework targeting real estate and finance functions.
  • Powered by real-time data, granular information and measurable outcomes,overall governance platforms are strengthened delivering greater accountability at every level of an organization.
  • The audit campaign represents a common platform to align and sync the efforts of finance, accounting, administration, transactions and legal ensuring fluidity and desired outcomes across all aspects of portfolio management.
  • Programs will deliver unprecedented visibility into all aspects of portfolio operations, cost structures and obligations enabling precise and tactical decision-making.
  • Audit results provide location-centric cost clarity driving predictability to guide portfolio optimization strategy.

Generally, we find financial inconsistencies in over 70% of the cases.

RRG takes a process-based, data driven approach to lease auditing. Our main goal during any campaign is to ensure portfolio compliance.

We design, implement and manage the most effective, efficient and timely lease audit solutions available.
Audit Campaign Commencement
Design and Transition

Operating Model Review and Assessment

Solution Design and Technology Customization

Portfolio Analysis and Exposure ValueTM Determination

Audit Strategy Development and Planning

Program and Communication Platform Approval

Portfolio Transitional and Assignment

Diligence and Assessment

Lease/Financial Information Gathering and Data Collection

Initial Data Modeling and Analytics

Lease File Review and Due Diligence

Analytics, Modeling and Audit Fieldwork

Cost Trending and Segment Comparison

Systemic Issue Alignment and Correlation

Audit Request Generation and Fieldwork Performance

Issue Validation Adjustment Support

Audit Report Creation and Release

Resolution and Reporting

Negotiation and Audit Resolution

Audit/Operating Classification and Integration

Audit Content distribution and Knowledge/Result

Campaign Reporting and Audit Platform Updates


Our objective is to become an extension of our client partner organization, and assist in the efficient management of its real estate portfolio. RRG’s approach and correlated lease audit systems maximize savings opportunity, require limited client resource investment and allow refined control of campaign scope, processes, strategy, and direction.

Sound strategies power the most successful organizations in the world. When it comes to cost control, what’s your strategy?

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