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RRG’s coverage includes service delivery in over 7,000 unique cities worldwide

Our case studies detail select audits performed and savings identified, negotiated and secured by our professional teams. Each audit is customized to address the intrinsic areas of concern and supported by highly technical reporting that is both quantitative and qualitative.

Explore our Featured Case Study SynopsesTM

Case Study Country Number Industry
Toronto Canada 936 Banking
Houston United States 14523 Energy
Miami United States 811 Banking
Irving United States 10882 Telecommunications
Boston United States 862 Computer
Sydney Australia 7841 Financial Services
Los Angeles United States 9237 Entertainment
Beijing China 7224 Financial Services
Montreal Canada 18544 Financial Services
Philadelphia United States 7682 Health Care
Chicago United States 10218 Banking
Seattle United States 15139 Technology
New York United States 457 Financial Services
Denver United States 11479 Energy
Washington, DC United States 866 Legal
Bangalore India 5169 Telecommunications
Nashville United States 6004 Telecommunications
Madrid Spain 4993 Technology
Atlanta United States 8157 Banking
Carmel United States 12416 Government
Newport News United States 21133 Aerospace
San Francisco United States 335 Banking
Minneapolis United States 9751 Banking
Dallas United States 12118 Energy
New York United States 3564 Consulting

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Our reach and operating scale provide distinct opportunities to deliver the most robust, thorough and precise lease audit services available. We value our role as a critical partner and are committed to continuing to expand our station as the world leader of enterprise lease audit and cost control solutions.

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