About Us

RRG is the world’s leading provider of enterprise-wide lease audit and cost control solutions.

Our mission is to change the way organizations think about corporate real estate and occupancy costs by providing innovative solutions that deliver value, transparency, control and compliance through the highest level of real estate accounting, auditing and advisory services.

Our Story

We believed there was material value in in-depth, sustainable portfolio compliance. In parallel, we also understood that capturing real-time, granular level data and intrinsic operating knowledge of portfolios would drive savings, cost accountability and portfolio optimization. RRG was founded to explore these two avenues in an attempt to revolutionize how real estate portfolios were viewed, maintained and leveraged.

The engine that was designed to achieve these objectives was a model built on the premise of Enterprise Lease Auditing™. A process driven audit approach to auditing the operating costs associated with a given lease portfolio which is intended to deliberately and continually identify, analyze and assess real estate portfolio economics at an enterprise-wide scale. Real estate portfolios are dynamic, business driven platforms that invariably are one of an organization’s largest costs of doing business. Our idea was to develop and utilize proprietary programs, at scale, to distinctly focus on addressing this significant cost segment and provide services that supported accurate, equitable, compliant treatment and governance of this material cost expenditure for our clients.

Started in Washington, DC, RRG has expanded its service capabilities globally to keep pace with client demand. This growth trajectory has correlated to a broad-based experience profile with access to valuable expertise, strategies and techniques, relationships, data, and outcomes which enable us to craft compelling solutions that deliver success regardless of requirement complexity and intricacy. Our specialization has driven our ability to continually refine our enterprise-wide lease audit and cost containment systems to address the unique objectives of our diverse private and public sector client base.

We embrace the marriage of data, cost control and compliance as the gateway to portfolio optimization. We will always remain dedicated to delivering our services in a manner that will always yield both immediate and long term value for clients.

  • Visionary

    RRG has and maintains an unrivaled vision for the importance of transparent, normalized operating data and its application value within real estate strategy.

  • Experienced

    The precision of our analytics-driven services is a function of our unparalleled lease audit experience, grounded not only in length of service but in the scale and scope of practice.

  • Global

    Unparalleled reach provides distinct and dynamic opportunities to deliver the most robust, successful lease audit and cost containment services available.

  • Specialized

    A steadfast commitment to specialization has provided for unprecedented cost savings opportunity and redefined compliance standard expectations.

  • Independent

    Independence allows for RRG’s trademark, flexible program design and enables refined and consistent service delivery across our enterprise client base.

  • Conflict Free

    RRG avoids conflicts of interest in delivering its enterprise lease audit and cost containment services. We do not represent landlords, asset managers or property managers in any capacity.

Environmental Stewardship.

RRG recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship, the protection of our shared environment and resources, and the value of sound environmental management. As a committed corporate citizen, RRG has created and implemented a corporate environmental policy dedicated to the continued implementation and improvement of environmental best practices in our operations. RRG’s goal is the development and continued implementation of demonstrable environmental management and conservation including energy and emissions management, raw materials use and waste reduction, environmental awareness education, and compliance and non-governmental engagement. RRG recognizes that a healthy, sustainable environment is critical to the future success of our business and society, and has integrated the components of this environmental policy into its long term business strategies. RRG believes the achievement of its sustainability goals including carbon neutrality, reducing use, emissions and waste, and raising environmental awareness among its employees and the community will contribute its futures success.

RRG’s policy details our policies and actions intended to articulate its commitment to the environment through sustainable business practices and continued stewardship. We are committed to continual evaluation of our practices, programs and environmental initiatives. We continually seek the feedback and suggestions of our employees, partners, clients and community in the development of additional practices that may enhance RRG’s presence as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to improving our communities and environment.

Corporate Citizenship.

As the industry leader, we embrace our professional responsibility to demonstrate the highest levels of service, professionalism, ethics, integrity, and corporate responsibility. This understanding has shaped every aspect of our development and history, has become an integral component of our identity and will guide and define our future.

RRG Foundation.

The RRG Foundation was borne out of a desire to give back to the communities where RRG’s employees live and work. We are dedicated and operate alongside many local, regional, national and international charitable organizations as part of our ongoing initiatives to to do our part in making the world a better place.

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