Real (estate) innovation.

Value beyond expense recovery and compliance.

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Global (cost) Control.

Unrivaled Expertise. Unparalled Insight. Proven Results.

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Transparent (insight).

Unrivaled cost compliance from the leading provider of enterprise lease audit solutions.

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RRG is the leading provider of enterprise lease audit and cost control solutions.

Achieve Savings

Drive transformational change through sustainable enterprise-wide cost savings, and exponential long term value beyond expense recovery and compliance.

Lease Audit Services

Achieve Insight

Harness operating and transactional data to power accelerated, insightful decision-making. Innovative solutions providing for the clear assimilation and interpretation of operating trends and real time understanding of portfolio mechanics.

Lease Audit Services

Achieve Transparency

Audit results that provide location-centric cost clarity driving predictability to guide portfolio optimization. Gain unprecedented visibility into all aspects of portfolio operations, expense structures and cost obligations to enable precise compliance tactics.

Lease Audit Services

Achieve Alignment

Deliver a common platform to sync finance, accounting, administration, transactions and legal efforts, to ensure fluidity and improved outcomes across all aspects of portfolio management.

Lease Audit Services

Achieve Governance

Strengthen overall governance platforms through enhanced and broadened control frameworks. Real-time data, granular information and measurable outcomes deliver greater accountability.

Lease Audit Services

Audit Services

Advisory Services

Unparalleled experience and proprietary systems afford RRG’s client partners the ability to implement the most effective, innovative and sustainable lease audit solutions. Our refined, proven approach and dynamic audit systems enable RRG to deliver comprehensive lease audit solutions globally.

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Grounded in the experience, knowledge, vision and expertise derived from the performance of more lease audits than anyone else in the world, each ancillary service provides additional process leverage to enhance cost controls and increase the overall effectiveness of our cost reduction strategies.

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RRG’s coverage includes service delivery in over 6,000 unique cities worldwide.

Our reach and operating scale provide distinct opportunities to deliver the most robust, thorough and precise lease audit services available. We value our role as a critical partner and are committed to continuing to expand our station as the world leader of enterprise lease audit and cost control solutions.

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Generally, we find financial inconsistencies in over 70% of the cases.

Sound strategies power the most successful organizations in the world. When it comes to cost control, what’s your strategy?

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