Posted by Shadi H. Zamer, Vice President

A recently published brief from Nabarro LLP, a prominent international law firm headquartered in London, offers yet another exemplary case for the value of a lease audit. The brief outlines a UK litigation case in which a landlord and tenant engaged in a dispute regarding service charge apportionment in the last year of a lease following the tenant’s notification to the landlord of intent to vacate. The dispute was centered on the differences between the landlord and tenant with respect to what each party believed was a reasonable apportionment of final service charges, in particular whether the tenant should be liable for charges that accrued after it had vacated or only actual charges incurred during tenancy.

Since RRG began operating outside the US over 15 years ago, we’ve successfully delivered our expert lease audit services in nearly 50 countries, for dozens of tenants across a broad scope of industries. Regardless of location, industry, lease type or circumstance, one principle remains constant and is of critical importance: a comprehensive, clear, accurate understanding of the terms and correlated cost structure of a lease is a necessity and serves as the basis for sound business strategy, and more importantly sound tenancy, flexibility and a favorable landlord-tenant relationship.

We couldn’t agree more with Nabarro. Clarity matters.

Read the online brief here

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